VRezzio: No. 1 Source for Video Resumes

Making a face-to-face connection with a person is one of the most effective ways to share your true self with that person. In today’s job-seeking environment, you do not have to wait for an in-person interview to make this type of connection with a hiring manager. Outside of a face-to-face interview, the next best way to showcase your personality and show off your strengths visually is to star in your own video resume. VRezzio, a startup founded by Jessica Sarkisian, features a platform designed to help you to create your own video resume with ease.

Video Process

With VRezzio, the process of creating your own eye-catching video resume could not be easier. To use the company’s platform, first, you will have to enter all of your basic information to create your account. Then, you can write your script, telling the company who you are. Here in your script, you will want to highlight and showcase your personality and abilities by telling about three specific experiences or activities. Focus on what makes you stand out, and choose photos that correspond with each of these experiences.

The next step in the video resume creation process is to use your well-thought-out script to practice and record your video as many times as you would like. Finally, you can add your photos simply by dragging them and dropping them in. VRezzio has a simple-to-use editing tool that enables you to put together and finalize your resume efficiently. Afterward, you can send it out and then sit back and wait for interview opportunities and/or job offers.

Video Resume Benefits

A huge benefit of a VRezzio video resume is that it allows you to express your enthusiasm for a particular job more effectively than you can with a paper resume. You can even use this type of resume to highlight your funny side, showing a prospective employer that you are vibrant and dynamic. Get in touch with VRezzio today to learn more about how a video resume can assist you with landing the perfect job for you sooner than you may have ever thought was possible.