Video Resumes Gaining Popularity among Job Seekers

The concept of a video resume is picking up steam among job seekers as people strive to stand out from others when vying for competitive jobs. This is because video resumes give more precise descriptions of people’s personalities or attitudes than traditional hard-copy resumes do. As a result, job seekers can more effectively promote the positive aspects of their characters, and employers can more effectively assess the candidacy of candidates in a way that otherwise would have not been possible with conventional resumes.

A company such as VRezzio is gaining attention in light of this trend, as it is a simple-to-use video resume service. This company in particular permits job applicants to develop their own video resumes in just three steps with its template-based process. The company’s platform is designed to make it easier for a hiring manager receiving an application to truly get to know an applicant. After all, people are much more than what they put on paper.

Video resumes are advantageous for a multitude of other reasons. First, it gives a job applicant a lot more control over a written resume, as the person can freely present himself or herself in the way he or she wants to. A video resume additionally allows people to demonstrate their skills in both a non-verbal and verbal manner. For instance, someone applying for a sales job can show his or her ability to work with customers, while a person applying for a photography job position may use a video resume to display his or her lighting and camera skills.

In addition, employers typically prefer candidates who have an awareness of best practices / current trends and are comfortable with using technology. A video resume created through companies such as VRezzio is a perfect way for people to exhibit their technological savvy in today’s technologically driven world.